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Local Policy Helps Drive State Policy

policy priorities

Here are things you can work on in your communities.

policy report

Here are our reports on the 2017 Indiana Policies that impact our work.

Current Policy Priorities


Below are statements on policy issues we are currently working on.

Current Policy Issues - Healthy Food Financing

The IHWI supports efforts to create a state-wide Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI). HFFI’s can be key tools to increasing access to healthy foods and increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables.

View our HFFI Policy Paper here:

Current Policy Issues - The Every Student Succeeds Act

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) will dramatically change education policy across Indiana and the US. The IHWI supports using key changes within ESSA to better support physical education, physical activity, and nutrition in Hoosier Schools.

View our ESSA Policy Paper here:

Get more information from state and national partners and advocates here:

Current Policy Issues - Active Living and the Built Environment

Coming soon! Check out our partners at Health by Design who are leaders in Active Living and the Built Environment.

The Policy Workgroup is a group of dedicated individuals and organizations that help guide the IHWI’s policy actions. They help develop policy language, share policy information and implement IHWI’s policy strategies.

policy workgroup

IHWI Policy Statement:

The IHWI does not lobby on behalf of or against any bill. Nor do we ask our stakeholders to lobby on behalf of or against any bill. None of the information contained in our policy section should be construed as a call-to-action. It is intended to be informational and to raise awareness around legislative policy that is impactful to our work. Each individual and organization must decide on their own what, if any, actions to take regarding legislative policy.

The IHWI maintains an Annual IHWI Policy Agenda. Members DO NOT necessarily endorse the IHWI Policy Agenda. Those IHWI organizations that DO support our Annual Policy Agenda are found on our Policy Partners Page.

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