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Becoming a Member is Free and Easy

Membership Benefits

  • Individual Members who complete the IHWI Annual Survey attend the Annual meeting at no cost.
  • Organization members that complete the IHWI Annual Survey may send 2 representatives from their organization to the IHWI Annual Meeting at no cost.
  • Organization members who complete the IHWI Annual Survey receive a 10% discount on sponsorship and exhibitor fees at the IHWI Annual Meeting.
  • Member organizations who complete the IHWI Annual Survey receive a custom report about other IHWI organizations working on similar projects as described in the Annual Survey.
  • Member organizations have networking and collaboration opportunities with other organizations committed to addressing the burden of obesity in Indiana through policy, systems, and environment change.
  • Participation in statewide efforts to make a difference in the burden of obesity.
  • Professional education and information.
  • Public recognition of leadership in obesity related efforts.
  • Access to IHWI Policy Actions and Policy Alerts.

Member Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Commit themselves to activities that support the IHWI’s mission, vision, or goals.
  • Endorse and support IHWI priorities as appropriate for their organization
  • Share information about how IHWI priorities and strategies are being implemented and other information via the IHWI Annual Survey.
  • Strive to attend the IHWI Annual Meeting
  • Participate in the process of determining statewide obesity prevention priorities

Members reserve the right to resign their IHWI membership at any time.

IHWI Members Support:

Our Mission:

To enhance the health and quality of life of Hoosiers by promoting good nutrition, regular physical activity and a healthy weight through policy, environment and lifestyle change.


Our Vision:

All Hoosiers practice and enjoy a lifestyle of healthy eating and physical activity within an environment that supports health, wellness, and vitality.

Organizational Membership Review

The Indiana Healthy Weight Initiative reserves the right to review all membership applications and to revoke membership from any individual or organization at any time. All Organizational Memberships will be reviewed by the IHWI Steering Committee to evaluate the organizational alignment of each organization seeking membership. The IHWI Steering Committee will determine if the Mission, Vision, and Actions of each organization qualify them for membership. In some cases, the IHWI Steering Committee will examine an organization’s close ties to other organizations or conglomerates to determine if membership is appropriate. The IHWI may consider the following criteria as well as Mission, Vision, and Actions when making a determination: the core practices of the organization and its close partners, the history of the organization and its close partners, the marketing practices of the organization and its close partners, the organization and its close partner’s public policy agenda, if that organization’s membership would support or detract from IHWI’s actions or image, if membership would make it appear that IHWI endorses a product or brand, and other criteria deemed appropriate by the Steering Committee. If an organization is denied membership the IHWI Steering Committee will inform the organization in writing as to the reason membership was denied.

Policy Statement

The IHWI maintains an Annual IHWI Policy Agenda. Members DO NOT necessarily endorse the IHWI Policy Agenda. Those IHWI organizations that DO support our Annual Policy Agenda are found on our policy page. For more information about the IHWI’s relationship with Policy and Policymaking please see our policy page.

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